Dive Package



Roatan is famous for its beautiful reef and what better way to enjoy than scuba diving. We offer a variety of packages for you to choose from. Such as, Shipwrecks, wall dives, caves/cracks and drift dives. While diving with us prices include equipment if you don’t bring your own.

Our equipment is all high-quality Mares scuba equipment which is maintained by the professional staff at Mares, this ensures our gear are in top-notch conditions for safe diving.

Our staff are all local islanders that love the ocean and will enjoy showing you the beauty that our reef has to offer. We are located in the small town of French Cay which gives us easy access to the best dive sites in Roatan.  We would love to take you on an experience like no other, where you will witness the most beautiful dive sites and help you learn about the interesting marine life in Roatan. We want you to have a great time diving in Roatan with us, so we keep our group sizes small to ensure you receive an excellent service.

Price: One tank dive 55$ per/person

           Two tank dive 100$ per/person

Included: Round way transportation, optional beach time.

Please see below a list of names and description for some of the best dive sites that we offer:

Price Albert Wreck and Wall Dive: This dive site is best suited for All divers.

The Prince Albert, is a 140 foot tanker, was intentionally sunk in 1985. Originally owned by Nicaraguans, the tanker was used to transport Nicaragua war refugees to Roatan, where it was eventually stripped of valuables and left partially submerged.The dive normally focuses part of the time of the wreck, then on to the wall next to it.

Mr. Bud Wreck Dive: This dive site is best suited for All divers.

The wreck of the Mr. Bud sits at a depth of approximately 60 feet surrounded by coral and sand beds right next to a steep wall makes it great for all divers to enjoy. Oh, and its located right in our “Back Yard”.

Wall Dive: This dive site is best suited for All divers.

The abundance of corals present in Roatan’s sunlit shallows and steep walls is almost unreal. Every color of the rainbow is represented on the reef, and the variety is equally astounding — everything from flower and pillar coral to elkhorn and staghorn coral can be seen here.

Mary’s Place: This dive site is best suited for experience divers.

The narrow crevices of this famous dive site are covered in black coral and sponges, offering a unique view as you gaze up from inside the fissures. Even after you finish its iconic swim-through, there is more to see. The top of the site is home to a beautiful reef that overlooks a steep drop-off.